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  Author    Credit Card Applications  (currently 973 views)
Posted on: December 3rd, 2005, 3:36pm Quote Report to Moderator

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So you have received a credit card application? You know what it says, but do know what it really means?

What it says: "You have demonstrated financial responsibility..."
What it means: You're breathing!

What it says: "Our membership is difficult to obtain..."
What it means: Death row prisoners are not eligible... in most states!

What it says: "We have shortened the application process..."
What it means: "We need lots of new members fast or we'll go out of business!"

What it says: "You have no predetermined credit limit..."
What it means: "We're not worried, we employ the Break Your Legs collection agency."

What it says: "Exceptional Customer Service..."
What it means: Except when you need it!

What it says: "Trained customer representatives await your call..."
What it means: "This is the part you talk into, and this is where you listen. Any questions?"

What it says: "To apply for membership, fill out this short form..."
What it means: You'll get the long form later.

What it says: "You may direct us not to share this information with anyone else..."
What it means: "Catch us, if you can!"

What it says: "We look forward to receiving your completed application..."
What it means: "We baited the hook, let's see if anyone bites!"

What it says: "You've been pre-approved..."
What it means: "You've been pre-approved to be Rejected!" or "We've already prepared your letter of denial."

.. as I can't force you to love me, I can't force myself to stop loving you .. Broke my heart ..but I Love you with Every piece of it ..

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