Cute Boyfriend Quotes

I adore you

I adore you, you crazy, gorgeous, wonderful, but also sometimes quite weird, but still very lovely, person

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There is a place on my lips where your kisses still rest

There are places on my body where your fingerprints still rest, there is a place in my heart where all you words lie. There is a place on my lips where your kisses still rest and a place where i love to go and think when i want to remember something special. You will always be in those places, but most of all i wish u were here now.

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Can’t get someone out of your mind

if u can’t get someone out of your mind maybe it’s because they’re supposed to be there!

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He wants to say I love you

He wants to say I love you
but keeps it to goodnight
because love will mean some falling
and she’s afraid of heights.

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Make’s me feel in heaven

There’s something about you that make’s me feel in heaven every time when I look into your eye’s, I know that you are the one for me.

My days get better by talking to you, saying I love you is what I like to say. If we broke apart I wouldn’t know what to do, but being with you is a miracle that I say every day

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don’t want to let him go

Sometimes someone came into your life and changes everything. Raises the standards, make you laugh, and make you feel like you.There is something about him that you can’t put into words and even though you are not with him, you don’t want to let him go.

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Its crazy that i don’t even know

Its Crazy that i don’t even know when you became so important to me.Its like watching a snowstorm.You see the flakes falling , but you don’t realize how they are adding up.Then suddenly your whole lawn is covered.All these things have added up and you are my snow storm Baby.I love u more than anything else.

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Be ‘real’ with you than ‘fairy-tale’ with anybody else

Our relationship has never followed the rules. we’ve never been the kind of ‘fairy-tale’ couple you see in the movies. it seems like we’re either head over heels in love or crazy with frustration. we’re not perfect, and neither is this relationship. but you know what? it’s ours. all ours; the little jokes only we understand, the way our hands naturally find each other’s, and the memories that seem so wonderful now that we look back. our relationship will never be perfect, but it will always be an important part of me. i don’t know what’s in store for us.. but i know i want you in my life. i know i love you. and i know that I’d rather be ‘real’ with you than ‘fairy-tale’ with anybody else.?

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A kiss is just a kiss

A kiss is just a kiss till you find the one you love. A hug is just a hug till you find the one you’re always thinking of. A dream is just a dream till it comes true. Love was just a word till I heard it from you my <3

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Love is Endless

It has no expiration date. If you really love the person, no matter what they’ve done to you, no matter how long it’s been since you met them, you never stop loving them.

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