Deep Love Quotes

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A teardrop is insignificant in a pool of water, but it can touch the soul as it runs down someone’s face.

Even a rose with out color is just a weed, color adds beauty to any object, love and compassion make us as individuals brighter that any flower.

I want to cry, even for just tonight.
I don't care if they'd say "You look ugly when you cry".
Just tonight, let me cry.
Just tonight, make me feel special by saying: "Are you all right?"

                     YES I HAVE A FEELING.

 I will never hold a relationship but if somebody holds me, will never let her go....

I am tired of always waiting for your call that never comes.  I'm tired of waiting for I love you and instead getting a pause...u used to love me soo incredibly much...and now I feel nothing from you feelings for me no sick of my mom coming home and having to wipe off the tears so she doesn't lecture me.  having to hide my feelings because everyone is so sick of me being miserable but loving you too much to leave this bullshit.  I JUST WANT TO BE LOVED AGAIN...BUT YOURE NOT IN LOVE WITH ME AND ITS KILLING ME SO MUCH. I hope i am the one for you and someday you realize it. for now ill be patient....I am tired of being tired...tired of waiting for you to give me an answer...tired of being treated like im not a human being...tired of being in love with someone who's not in love with me. mostly tired of everything that has to do with this. But my loves going to be there forever, even if I don't want it to be. even if I want so badly to move on from you. I can't...I!
I ll be in love with you even if u get married and leave me. that's the sad part.. I am always going to be waiting inside...waiting for my heart to explode. for you to always remember me would be the only up to this.

Love is like a rose, if you don't pay attention it dies.

love can make people do crazy things love is a passion of desires love can lift you up and bring you down love is like the deep ocean you can either swim or drown love is a passion almost like a treasure and when you find love cherish it in your heart for every don't let love drown

People get love and life mixed up love is the passion you share in life and life is the thing that can mess it all up


You only have one shot to show the one you love how much you love them. So love fully and deeply. No regrets. Or you'll regret not taking that chance.


I love the sun for warm days. I love the moon for romantic nights. I love the stars for reminding me of the greatness of God. I love you for showing me the beauty of love.
Phil K. Sweat


It's not that I miss your soul that was infact very dry, it's just that I feel empty and I miss your strong protective arms, without you I am vulnerable.


love is a strong word and hate is an even stronger careful how you use them


When they look at me I wonder what they see Do they they see love or do they wish it. Can they read my mind, If only. Because if they could, Love would not be so confusing, as they would know exactly how passion and lust leeks through my eyes, my soul. But I'am lost and always will be as I do not want to love that person. This is why Love is like a drug, you are forever addicted!

Oh, don't worry you didn't break my heart, no sweetie... you just completely destroyed me.

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