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The fight is over, but the pain remains

The fight is over, but the pain remains
Leaving scars on my arms, as I break these veins
But do not worry, I am fine
These scars of mine, will fade with time

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I don’t want you to be fine.

“I won’t ask how you are
I don’t want you to be fine.
I want your heart to feel like it has frostbite
I want this ache to be necessary
I never want you to be okay again.”

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Felt utterly nothing

Have you ever loved someone so deeply?
Have you ever looked into her eyes and seen her heart?
Have you ever wished just to hold her, not utter a word, and find her in this silence?
Have you ever thrilled at the possibility to lose her?
Have you ever found the life with her?
Have you noticed the sparkling stars with her?
Have you ever felt utterly nothing without her?

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End of life

i need to feel the icy cold blade on my wrist 1 more time just 1 more time… for all i know this could be the end of lifef live as i know it

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Had never felt what I felt for you

When you said forever, you meant a few months.When i said forever , i meant everyday until I died. When you said always, you meant until you couldn’t handle it anymore. When I said always, I meant until time ended. When you said you loved me, you meant I was no different from any other girl. When I said I loved you, I meant I had never felt what I felt for you

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Take The Pain Away

I cut myself in the dead of night
when no one else can see
and hope this time its deep enough
to take the pain away from me
I take a breath and wish for death
the razor slides across my rist
i know that i might lose it all
but for a moment i feel bliss

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Remembering me

Remembering who i am is like remembering the night before,
Remembering all of the people i have lost in the past
is like remembering my first kiss,
Remembering our memories is like the scars that never disappear,
Remembering the times i didnt exist is like remembering,
how you let me go one day, and begged to come back the next minute,
Remembering how you told me that you would never let me go,
but instead you let our love fade away.
Remembering everything we have been through,
is utter disappointment,
everything you promised me, led into a web of useless lies,
somedays I see you in the halls,
And I ask myself “I wonder if he even remembers me…”

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I’m suffering today.

You’re the reason I cry every night. You’re the reason I’m scared to like another person. You’re the reason, I cut. You’re the reason I’m suffering today. I hope your happy. To know you have the power to completely destroy someone

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Ever since you’ve been gone

Ever since you’ve been gone i’ve sat by this hollow tree
so dead in it’s company
but when you struck the fatal blow
I promised you to never let go
but that is one promise I cannot keep
because this time i’ll be buried deep.

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Wall of broken glass

sometimes i wish i had a wall of broken glass
and i could just run right into it

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