• Good Country Love Songs

    Romantic Country Music with surreal and soothing touch is a treat to listen

    The young lover hearts are bound to get carried away with the cute country love songs by teenagers like Taylor Swift.

    Here we have tried to gather a mix of the best country love songs. the top list is below you are also encouraged to vote/suggest your favorite country song to this list

Country Love Songs

It’s Your Love – Tim McGraw

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Rating: +42 (from 68 votes)

Amazed – Lonestar

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Rating: +39 (from 101 votes)

She’s In Love With The Boy – Trisha Yearwood

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Rating: +33 (from 49 votes)

Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis Presley

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Rating: +32 (from 68 votes)

Sometimes When We Touch -Dan Hill

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Rating: +24 (from 42 votes)

You Had Me From Hello – Kenny Chesney

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Rating: +19 (from 49 votes)

Leaving on a jet plane – John Denver

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Rating: +19 (from 31 votes)

One Boy, One Girl – Collin Raye

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Rating: +18 (from 32 votes)

You were meant for me – Jewel

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Rating: +16 (from 46 votes)

Two Sparrows In A Hurricane – Tanya Tucker

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Rating: +1 (from 7 votes)