Valentines Crafts for Kids



Kids also love to enjoy  and party on valentines day like everyone else, here are some ideas for valentines day crafts for kids and games



Ask the children what love means to them. 


Play hot potato but use something that is heart shaped instead of a potato. Learn about the color red and/or pink. Make some heart puzzles. 


Have a party and exchange
Valentine's Day cards. Have the children make mailboxes for when they exchange Valentine's Day cards. 



Have the children use heart-shaped sponges to make prints. 


To make our Valentine Party "extra-special" we use heart shape sponges and heart shaped cookie cutters with red and pink paint.  We print these hearts onto large pieces of white mural paper (sized to fit our tables at school).  When dry we tape them to our party tables on Valentines Day.  They look beautiful and add a festive air to the party.


A silly Valentine Game that the kids love every year!
Take a poster size piece of white oak tag and paste a large red heart on it.
Everyone hides their eyes and you choose one child to hide behind the large poster board Valentine.  When everyone can look we sing: Who is behind this valentine  The kids love taking turns guessing who is hiding!


Make a royal valentine's crown.


This project is rated EASY to do.

What You Need

How To Make It

  1. Cut a slit across the middle of the plate, starting about an inch inside the outer rim and stopping about an inch from the outer rim on other side of plate.

  2. Starting at the center of plate, cut four more slits to create six pie shaped sections.

  3. Fold sections up to make a crown.

  4. Paint the plate on one side and let dry.

  5. Paint other side of plate and let dry.

  6. Decorate crown by gluing conversation hearts to each point.

  7. Now crown your king or queen!

Lace Heart

A fun and easy craft for Cub Scouts or other groups to complete in a short time.

This project is rated EASY to do.

What You Need

How To Make It

  1. You need a piece of moldable, but kind of stiff wire, and twice the length of a lace (lace that has a seam tape binding, like most eyelet laces).

  2. Thread the wire through the lace and wrap the wire ends together.

  3. Mold the wire into a heart shape.

  4. Add ribbons, bows, or other appropriate decorations by tying on or gluing.

Tacky Glue is better for crafts than hot glue, which boys can easily get hurt using; it's thicker and tackier than Elmer's Glue and dries quickly



Love Is In the Air Relay

To begin, divide your class into teams and line up each team facing a child sized chair.  Place a supply of small tissue paper hearts on the seat of each chair.  At the start signal, the first child in each line runs to the chair and then, in a single breath, blows as many hearts as  he/she can off the chair.  That child runs back to the next child in line and tags him/her.  The relay continues in this manner until all of the hearts have been blown off the chairs.  On your mark, get set, blow!



Candy Heart Estimating

Give each child a small cardboard heart and ask them to estimate how many candy conversation hearts will fit on the surface (area) of it. They can record this on a piece of paper (for younger children, you may have to dictate it for them). Then, have them glue one on every inch of the heart. When it's dry, have each child count the number of candy hearts and write how many were able to fit on the heart. Was their estimate too big, to small or exactly right?


Children love to trace their hands and decorate them with fingernail polish, rings, bracelets, etc.  Foam cutout shapes are a favorite for gluing on rings and bracelets.  We cut them out to make a friendship circle around the bulletin board, room or wall.

Variety of colors of construction paper for the color of their skin.  Some of the children pick out their own skin color, but lots of times they pick the color of another friend's.


This can be used as a matching type game as well.  Match the hand to your friend.  Sometimes  the children dictate characteristics of the child and put these on his handprint or attach list to it.  Most of them are positive, but you do have to be creative sometimes with the negative characteristics.



Candy Conversation Heart Picture Frames

You will need cardboard or poster board & glue

The children can use those little candy hearts with the messages on them to create picture frames. All you need is the candy, card board (red) and glue. We are using the children's school picture as the insert.

Heart Puzzles

Construction paper,  glue

Cut larger heart shapes out of construction paper. Cut the hearts in half.
  On one half of the heart, write a number. On the other half of the heart, place an amount of smaller hearts (made from construction paper) the corresponds to the number. You can also use stickers.

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