Broken Heart Quotes

Broken heart Quotes


These are the best broken heart quotes which will heal the pain in your heart,  inspire you with a new zeal

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Broken hearts just can't be replaced...broken hearts just can't be fixed....broken hearts just can't love again...

If you have a broken heart, than its like a broken mirror. Its better to leave it broken, than hurt your self more.


Take a piece of my heart but be careful with what you've got.


don't you know how hard it is to breath without you..??
do you know that i get that I'm having tantrums when i don't see you..??
do you know that you're MY LIFE, MY HEART..??
so please stay right here beside me. because I need you. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY HEART...


A heart is not practical until it can be made unbreakable" (The Wizard of Oz)


Who can mend a broken heart ?


Sometimes when love leaves you find that they leave with all your heart and its hard finding love again because you can never replace hearts.


Laughter makes up for but a quarter of what the heart must endure. scars therefore are inevitable.


Love the heart that Wounds You.. But Don't Wound the Heart which Loves You


Tell my heart to stop beating... Tell my mind to stop thinking.. Throw a stone into the sea and tell it to stop sinking... Tell da sky not to be blue.. That's like telling me not to love you...

A heart is like a puzzle is hard to put together when the pieces are broken and missing.


Warning: handle this heart with care! it can break easily and after it has been broken it will never be the same again.

Well I'll put on my pirate costume and began to search the seas. If i cant find it, I'll put on summer clothes and get my medal detector and search the beach. If i still cant find them I'll put on my normal clothes and search the globe on foot. If i still cant find it, I'll put on my pilot clothes and search the skies. If its not there then I would give u my heart so yours can beat again.

The black hole you call your heart fills my eyes with tears as I softly
here you say its over.. I can't help it I start to cry as the day passes
by. The sky turns black and my world is now gray I loved you and lost
you never again will I feel that way .. Me so happy and you pretending..
So for now ill lay awake.. Remembering when . As I try to for get . The
tears I should have never cried and the words you never meant to say .
Ill go on live life day to day.

a broken heart , cant be fixed when the pieces are lost

You are the reason i stop to pretend and hid from the lies. you are the reason now i cant go on w/ my normal life, and stop asking why. you are the reason for all the changes in my life, and now I realize. you are the reason why I am still here w/ broken heart.

Look in the Mirror, What do You see? Do you see a broken heart lying on the ground in front of you, that you ripped out of you, and smashed, to see if you could try and get rid of the love for me? Do you see a heart lying on the ground beating in front of you, that you ripped out, but couldn't smash, because you don't want to let go. Or Do you see you. Standing there, hoping I'll walk up behind you, and show you I care."


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