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  Author    Love and Magic  (currently 55 views)
Posted on: April 17th, 2007, 5:54pm Quote Report to Moderator
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You have your beliefs as I have mine.  You have your opinions again as I have mine & we are BOTH entitled to them.

I also don't think religion & science are related to one another in anyway.  There have been big debates over the years between how we were created from the religious aspect to how we evolved from the scientific aspect, the whole caveman theories.
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Posted on: April 17th, 2007, 8:15pm Quote Report to Moderator
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This isnt about opinions nor believe but about cold hard fact and scientifical evidences.
What you think about religion and science is based on old stuff.
New ones have come on the table since, and still are affluing..
new discoveries who cannot be denied.
it migth take some more 20 to 25 years before it reach the big audience, but i am in the midst of where it is happening with searcher in the field and thats why i can tell with all scientifical evidencies backing me up htat i can prove existency that all is realted in the entire universe and by this the existence of God.
The religious and scientifical aspects are not 2 opposit entities, nor are they viewing things from 2 different point of views, nor are they one more true than the others, as they both are based on logic and the cartesian/rational way to see and comprehend the world and both based on a partial knowledge of the trtuth and reality that surround us.
They are both an illusion and both present us with an illusoric explaination of how the world is build and function who only sporadically mention the big picture and the real thing who influence it all. I dont even dare saying behind the scene as it is in fact intresec to absolutly everything from a cup of coffee to the clouds in the sky.
Theoretical physic with quantum mechanic and string theory, is antithetical of the logical one, and thereby can not only room those scientifical usual way of seeing the world but also the religious ones, that it englobes in one, and those represent only an infine part of it, as QM is much much more than just that.
We knew since some time already, that our ways to view the world in science and our way to proceede had brought us to a wall..
from which we couldnt go longer.
we were trap in our own system, and it had became evident that this logical system was completely unable to explain most of the other stuff, and when we realised th those other stuff were in fact constituing over 78% of the whole thing, meaning we couldnt even explain 20% of the universe with the logical tools, and it was already haltering many places..something else had to replace it.
That soemthing else existed but was still at its baby steps, and its only with the latest data, that we know for sure what we supposed was and had demonstrated in theory, and that we have got further more..
The concept is too deep to be discussed here, but nor religion nor classical science are right, and the truth is even more grand than any concept of God, who is to be found in any existing religion and even in all religions put together.
What we had understood by science explained only a tiny part of it, a little corner.
And what we used religion and God for, only encaged another thiny part of it, when in fact it had the big opportunity and priviledge to open us all towards that concept and knowledge that QM explain.
Like when in pray or meditation.
The problem occur with the barriers, as all religion come with a set of rules and barrieres as how to interpretate those signals we receive when we are in such a state.
Those barrieres do that e can never really and fully experience it, only on very rare occasions, but if those barrieres and false explainations werent there we will be in an even bigger communion with the whole universe and source of it all.
We can say that the religion open and close the same gate, and that it build a jail on the seeker with its explainations, like a tapestry of scriptures on the walls of this jail, hindering the sicker to ever come further.
it apply to all religions and religious experiences without exception.

The matter is not the existence of God, but a widdening of the concept itself.
I wont go there and i wont go further about it in this place, and i wont get myself cut in small pieces, as i understand that the states are quiet sensibel in what regard the religious matter, at the same time that their forums are infested with porno..try to understand!????
I dont!

I also i am too much in my own stuff, and talk as if youwere in it as well.. thats a bad habit that come together with being in it and thinking about it for very long.. its difficult to dont talk like some "internal conversation" was going on.
A bit like when specialist are talking together, thats charabia for any passing by.

I think someone should made a movie about it, as all should become aware of that discovery, and have the right to partake in its joy.

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Posted on: April 18th, 2007, 1:56am Quote Report to Moderator
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By the way those theories, and discoveries not only shake what was previously known in religious matters, but also in science, so both sides will be equally annoyed by it.
Meaning that atheist are going to get mad at it completely!
I dont know who wil get the most annoyed by it from both sides.
Maybe religious will be pleased as it prooves the existency of soemthing who until now had remained impossibel to prove, as others will fear the questionement it put on the rules their believe are based upon, and atheist will not accept that there is more to life than meet the eye, and that logic dont explain a damn thing, but momentan and partial commodities of the reality that surround us, and that they have been using this other huger part without even realising it, all their life.
None of the sides are going to swallow it that easy.
That will make a huge dilema and ask too many questions as it answer them all.
It will have a disruptiv effect on all existing theories, and on our way to think things and envision the world, and conceive the world we live into, and how we relate to it and to eah others, and the subject will be very highly controversial.
No doubt about that.

It simply change the whole thing, and the whole way to see at it.
Thats a new different angle who doesnt exclude the existing to replace it, but who include them and add much much more to it that was previously unknown or thought as impossible or just as fairy tale things and miracle things but not really soemthing provable or that could be discussed or used just like that.
With this, now it can. Miracles, and magic are not the exceptional but the entire way everything is build up.
It all is based on it and fonction through it.
We are just not acknowledging it yet..
Think of it like microbes, before nobody will have ever thought there was such thing and that it caused death.
Many reasons were given, and things doen, and many of them were in fact very close to what it really was and to can do soemthing about it, but what it exactly was remained a mystery, until it was discovered, and then conrete things could be done.
It took nonetheway, quiet a long time from when it was first observed, to the moment it could be used and we are still learning about it..
but first time it was presented, fox laughed loudly like some kind of thieve talk..

Thats the closest exemple I can come with now, to illustrate this.
It impact all.
thats the difference with that one.
It impact absolutly all aspects of our life, including time.
And the concept of eternity, but thats another part of that story.
And its not travelling in time.
It more than that.

Well in fact I should get paid for publishing it, and i aint joking when i say that.
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Posted on: April 18th, 2007, 2:46pm Quote Report to Moderator

Posts: 53
Sophie, why not break down the whole idea on QM to simple and understandable part---
What are the philosophical concept of the QM?
What are the underline assumptions?
What are your hypothesis?
What are ur deductions?
What are the major finding?
What are your beliefs conclusively of the QM?
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Posted on: April 18th, 2007, 7:29pm Quote Report to Moderator
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Quantum Mechanic aint not philosophical concept babe..
Thats the base of modern Physic, first elaborated by Stephen Hawkins, if you heard of the guy.. who is english by the way, and sit at Oxford, on the mathematical chair owned before him by the great mathematician and philosopher that i got a brain fart on his name right now..

(well he dont sit nowhere in fact cause he is on a wheelchair, but thats how they put it, it means he discovered soemthig as important as the previous one or more, i dont sit nowhere either, cause there is no chair made for that kind yet, and i aint even on a wheelchair, so here i stand).

I aint much for chairs anyway.

its no assumptions but pure mathematic.
If you want to break it down, you can do it yourself brother!  
Seen that its about the smallest parts existing under Quarks, i cant see how you could do that, but you can always try! We've seen fools playing guitar when mama had told them not to before, so why not?

You could also spend your whole life studying it and not understanding it completely as a result anyway, and come back here to give us the fruit of your labor just for free.  

You may.
I wont.  

As for the major findings and believes and conclusions, i already got those under the microscopes above, didnt I?

Boomsy, you are not listening!
You are depraved of breaks and will do some sit down after class.

I'll show you what I do with my QM in my free time!  

Quote: If I was clever, I wont be there.
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