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  Author    Do we want eachother or not  (currently 868 views)
Posted on: October 19th, 2007, 7:40pm Quote Report to Moderator
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Their's this guy i have been talking 2 for 4 years now,  We met when i was working
cleaning his office, anyway we just started talking one day and then everytime we
would see eachother we coulden't ignore the fact that something was thier between us.  You know how 2 people click and no one wants 2 be the first 2 say anything ?
well that's how we were for awhile.   But just last year he opened up to me and me to him.  Now he calls me and i stop by his office every once in awhile.
But just last week we had phone sex and it was so weird yeat realy hott   After it was over he asked me if i was realy touching myself and i i wasen't
i just layed back and pretended he was with me at that moment.  But all the moans
and screams of passion made him realy want me all the more in person.
Over the years we have talked about being 2gather but nothing has come of it yeat.
we can't agree on where.  He wants to make love 2 me on his desk at work after hours and i wanna get a room.  And just last night he called me while he was driving home from church because he was feeling weird about the phone sex thing
he thought that i had lost all respect for him becaust of that   well i told him im
not thinking anything weird about you, The only thing that comes to mind is that i
want 2 be with you.  Im so scared that nothing will come of this because no one will
make the first move. He's waiting for me 2 come to him and im doing the same.
I want him but im tired of the cat and mouse game.   Oh boy what would dear abby
say about this  ?
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