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  Author    love  (currently 852 views)
Posted on: November 7th, 2010, 11:03pm Quote Report to Moderator
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So im in love with you. Well i say i love you but what is love? Well love is this feeling you get in your stomach when you think of her, the feeling you get when you look at her, smell her, feel her, hug her, hold her, kiss her, and so many more things that people cant even put into words... Like the way how you made me the luckiest and happiest guy the world has ever seen. Love is why i wanna mary you and spend the rest of my days waking up next to you and being there for you when your down, and looking you in the eye and telling you that you mean the world to me, and the person i fall asleep with at night, sharing the same feelings for each other from now until the only thing that can tear me away from you is life itself, so ill be here for you until im dead and my name is put on a grave with room for you right next to me... Cause everything that is me is you, and nothings gonna
change that. So i think i have something to confess.. i love you, you are the love of my life and im head over heels in love with you and ive fallen so hard for you that i cant go a day without kissing and loving you. Ill always love you, i will always love you.
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Posted on: December 22nd, 2010, 1:40pm Quote Report to Moderator
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Good. This is a nice way to attract some one. If it is a girl then she is sure to feel flat.
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