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  Author    Have you ever?  (currently 1,429 views)
Posted on: May 7th, 2011, 8:55am Quote Report to Moderator
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Yes in two houses one I grewup in Africa and would only appear certain times of the year various things would happened..As we did not know what was going on had police neighbours and friends involved as thought someone/people were trying to break in..But was nothing like the above. Went into the history of the house someone had died there and the person who did it never got caught app.

Also were I live now someone I know who died about 10 yrs ago visits now and then.Freaked my fiance and two friends untill they got used to various things happening. I accept it and talk to him things happen less last two yrs bless him R I P..

Have you ever met anyone famous that is still alive or dead...
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Posted on: May 7th, 2011, 6:53pm Quote Report to Moderator

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Yes, I've met quite a few, actually.  I once dated a girl who's friend was dating Jerry Springer.  We went out a few times with them and I hung out with Jerry a few times after they broke up.  He's weird, but he's actually a pretty decent guy.

I met Tony Randall at the Field Museum in Chicago.  He played Felix Unger in the television show "The Odd Couple," but he was in about 100 other movies.

I met Harrison Ford at a beach bar in Hawaii.  He was just sitting there having a drink.  We chatted for a few minutes and then I left him alone.  He seemed very preoccupied with his thoughts.

I met Val Kilmer a couple years ago.  He's a great guy.  Very fun to talk with.  He was getting coffee at the Dunkin' Donuts by my house.  I was sitting there with a girl I was dating and we both kept staring at him (because he'd gotten pretty fat and we weren't sure if it was him).  As he was walking out, the girl I was with asked if he was Val Kilmer.  He said yes and she was just all "gushy" about how she thought he was a great actor.  I asked what the hell he was doing out in the far south suburbs of Chicago and he actually came and sat down to talk.  (He was going to a comic book convention downtown to sign autographs that evening and decided to just drive around for awhile.)  We talked for about half an hour.  That was a really cool experience.  Val Kilmer is a really friendly guy and very interesting to talk to.  He's much smarter than you would expect.

I also met Jake Gyllenhaal.  He has family that lives in Chicago.  I was out with a few friends and we stopped at a little rinky-dink bar on the southside of the city.  He was just sitting there having a beer.  We talked a little and then took off.  

I met Barack Obama before he was president.  He was at Palermo's Pizza having dinner.  I recognized him because he'd just gotten elected to the senate.  After he was done, he was passing by our table and I stopped him.  I said, "Excuse me, Senator?"  He looked at me like I was disturbing him.  I said, "I don't want to take up more of your time.  I just wanted to congratulate you on your win and say it's a pleasure to meet you."  I extended my hand for a handshake, but he just gave me a disgusted look and said, "Thanks for your vote" as he walked away.  After that arrogant behavior, I'm glad I didn't vote for him.  LOL

The last person I met was Estella Warren.  She was the hot chick in "Driven" (with Stallone) and the newer "Planet of the Apes" (with Mark Wahlberg) movies.  She was at O'Hare Airport in Chicago waiting for a flight.  I almost didn't recognize her.  She was dressed in a sweatsuit and looked pretty "dumpy."  But, she was still ridiculously hot even though she wasn't dressed up and didn't appear to be wearing much make-up.  When I saw her, I asked if she was who I thought.  She kind of sighed like, "Oh man, another guy's gonna hit on me because I'm in movies."  I just told her I was a fan of her work and mentioned that I really enjoyed her character in Tahpephobia (it was a movie no one ever seems to have heard of, but I watched it after seeing it as a recommended movie online).  Then, i said, "It was really nice to meet you.  Have a nice flight."  As I was getting up, she asked what I liked about the movie.  It seemed like my mentioning one of her lesser-known movies made an impact.  So, we talked for awhile and we were actually on the same flight.  So, we basically talked for the next 4 and a half hours on the flight to California (although, I did have to upgrade to first class to keep this conversation going).  I even got ballsy enough to ask her out to dinner.  And, surprisingly, she said yes.  Well, maybe it wasn't so surprising because she knew it wasn't a date (I'll explain later).  We went to a seafood restaurant the next evening and just talked for awhile.  Anyway, I got her phone number (still have it) and we texted a few times.  But dinner was the last time I saw her.  She's really fun and down to earth.  Everything about her just oozes sweetness and sensuality.  You know, I still wonder if I could have gotten a real date with her, but I was seeing someone at the time (and I told her that - I wasn't being some kind of letch) and I don't know if I could ever date a model/actress.  I think I'd need my significant other to be around a lot more than a few days every couple weeks.  But she certainly was a cool chick.

I never talk about movies or acting when I meet these people (unless they bring it up).  I'm sure they get enough of that.  So, I usually just say I'm a fan of their work and then have a normal conversation.  I think that's why my experiences have usually been a little more than "Hello, Goodbye."  I just think if I was an actor, I'd probably get tired of people constantly asking about my love life, the next movie I'm in, how to get into acting, and being asked to favors to get them in some movie I'm going to be in.  So, I typically talk about traveling, places they've been that they enjoyed, restaurants, family (nothing too personal though) and stuff like that.  And, of course, I read them as best I can.  If they seem like they want to be left alone, I wrap it up and take off.  No need to bore them or irritate them.

Have you ever been on television?
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Posted on: May 8th, 2011, 12:46pm Quote Report to Moderator
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Yes for various reasons..

Used to belong to a womans organisation in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Many well know people spoke for the various charities were always giving speaches/talks..So there was always tv crew about.

I growup with horses in Africa and competed in various fields.So was in the papers and tv inconnection with the sport.

Have you ever travelled somewere and got lost.
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Posted on: May 8th, 2011, 2:27pm Quote Report to Moderator

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Many times.  Without a GPS, I'd be lost all the time.  I have a horrible sense of direction (which is strange because you could put both of my parents in a sealed box, drive them to some unknown location, and they'd figure out where they are in about 5 minutes.

Have you ever regifted something and gotten caught by the person who originally gave it to you?  (i.e. you receive a sweater you hate as a gift and then give it to someone else as a gift.)
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