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cute shoco
Posted on: March 31st, 2010, 11:16am Quote Report to Moderator
Baby Member

Posts: 9
Community Forum ...
Without any introductions to offer you the game ..^^


Everyone is invited, said he shared members and supervisors ..


The purpose of this competition is:

Spread the spirit of fun and speculation and accuracy of observation of the members

(Who am I)

Competition to be light entertainment as follows:

Are selected member or an active member of the forum and then giving him a membership (from me)

And password for the user.

By admin on the contest

Members must login to ask questions to uncover his identity and the name of "real"

All questions are allowed except:

Are you or a member of Musharraf?

2 - a young man or woman?

3 - What is the number of your posts specifically?

4 - Date of registration in the forum.

5 - in order to maintain the privacy of the member, so as not to unravel quickly!!

You have the right to ask about, for example


Best response, read the Forum ..

Read the most beautiful theme ..

Happened to him the position of the Forum ..

What section is close to your heart ..

What is the member closest to you.

Each member is creative in a way to know the questions to the guest.

Way the guest / / / / who am i / / /

It is natural that it is creative in distracting members but to answer sincere questions ..

- Must be on the guest commitment in the deal and respond to all questions posed by

Members and not to be identified no matter what happens ..

- Do not use this user for other guests.

:::: The member .......  who am i    ..Which will be chosen to follow the laws Contest
And respect .

Conditions of this contest (((Please adhere to)):

Not exceed the number of questions raised by members for the members (I) for 5 Questions
Each member per day.
Not to put any guess at the first two days of the competition
)) And put the best guess here would be excluded))
Post only once per member per day!!
We hope the commitment of confidentiality, where some members are found in one house

Must also be a member (of me) confidentiality, the Secretariat and non-disclosure to those who knew him

His character's true we have had an honest and fair competition is far from fraud and trickery!!

At the end of the contest:

A member who will reveal the real name for (Who am I) won by


This Contest!!

If it is not identified on the guest will be given a member (of me) he was able to award

Out of Member guess!!

Of course, the guest will be selected through private messages ..

The right for the guest to participate in the contest and put questions to himself in order to remove suspicion

Himself and divert attention!!

The duration of the contest three days ago, every guest distributed as follows:

Daily only the first two questions. (Maximum 5 questions for each member per day


The third day only make guesses about the member guest ... [-I]

((Guess the only one for each member))

On the following day

Winner will be announced in the section and the award granted by the supervisor!!

And God willing, and reached the idea of the contest for the members

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December 3rd, 2023, 11:12am

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