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  Author    Interracial dating  (currently 1,043 views)
Posted on: February 11th, 2012, 5:12am Quote Report to Moderator
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Within the last 4 or 6 months i have found myself losing interest in African American males.  I am an 45 African American female and after being put through so much with men of my own race I have completely given up on any type of relationship with a black male (with the except of two childhood friends platonically). I find myself not even attracted to them physically or mentally.  Lately i have been involved with dated, intimate and closely communicating with European males. And i love it.  I have better stimulation mentally, phyiscally and treated well.  Very little drama if any with them, passionate, understaning and great listeners with vast amounts of opporutnities for me to better my life as an independent and ambitious woman.  I have been communicating and seeing an Australian male (U.S. citizen) successful business man who travels an treats me like a queen.  I am physically as well as mentally attracted to him and his attentiveness.  I feel like an odd ball because i do not think it is normal or  accepted even today for black women and white men to have a relationship outside of business.  Am i odd for crossing such barriers that are very rare.  None of friends and family are doing as I know of.  But I am happy with the choice I have made expand my dating choices and open up a whole new world. What are your thoughts.  Also it seems that the white men I have very nice profile jobs, world travelers and well educated.  Many of the black guys I have been with are either unemployed, jailed, some with degrees but no good employment.  Why is there such a difference between the two races of men an their situation in life..  I have been exposed to things a black man has never taken me to.  Such as extravagant country clubs, dining etc. what are your thoughts?
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