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  Author    unknown song by subliminal  (currently 29 views)
Posted on: March 5th, 2005, 2:50am Quote Report to Moderator
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I know this hurts, it was meant to.

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hey guys

i really love this song and wanted to share it

i translated it (from hebrew to english)
the song is by subliminal the album is "the light from zion" .... im not sure of the name
so here are the lyrics..they are not perfect as my hebrew isn't perfect..

Those who didnt see it know it
Those who didnt hear it know it
And your heart is touching
Because he who tries in the end gets hurts
[fading] in the end [/fading]
im here for you
im writing my feelings for you
im numbing my sense to other people for you
im continuing for you
and im trying for you
ill cause the world to explode for you
ill fight for every word for you
ill pass throught the winter without a blanket for you
in the street
for you
i learn to write for you
i even learned to love, because of you
i worked with you
and i drove with you
i earned my first dollar with you
never stop for you
never enough for you
so im for you, and you are for me
in the hardest times you were here for me
always with me
near me
for good or for bad
i helped you to get along
i even taught you the ABCs
and you were just a place for me to run
when i was angry and frustrated
or just when i didnt have enough strength
i dont remember the day we met
but whats for sure is that it was a long time ago
minutes after i came into this world
sometimes i feel that in our bodies flow the same blood
that its cold or its hot
in fun or in pressure
that its good in life or for life that is for the anger
you stand there in the emptyness
and in reality you connect from one electric plug to the next
everyone told me that you will disapear
but i knew that we will overcome
those who didnt believe know it
those who didnt understand know it
those who didnt see it hear it
in your hear its touching
those who try in the end get hurt
[in english]baby hiphop
stay with you forever[/in english]
when the stituation is horrible
you get angry and behave wildly
the situation gets over easily
and from then you suffer from prejudice
from people who dont listen to the words and only to the cursing
and there are enemies who use you almost to the end
and abuse you for a villa with a view
and now its my turn to help

.....there is another minute and a half in the song...but the rest is about israel and mostly repeating what is above so i wont translate it
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