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Kissing Sayings – First Kiss Quotes
  • Quotes about kissing, first kisses, smooch sessions and romantic lips
  • when we kiss, it feels like I am in heaven.
  • Can I have one last first kiss?” 50 First Dates
  • I don’t want anyone else to have your heart, I don’t want anyone else to kiss your lips, I don’t want anyone else to be in your arms, I don’t want anyone else to be the one you love, I am scared because… I don’t want anyone to take my place.
  • miss those days when we would wait till every1 was asleep, just to give each other a kiss. Just to be able to hold each other close and listen to our hearts beat. Just to be able to look into each others and feel butterflies. I wish I could still hold u da same or at least have u close enough to whisper in your ear. To tell you how much I miss and how much I luv u. But as time goes by it gets harder and harder to be together. But we when u fall in love either that one person u know he will be your no matter what. I miss you, and I will be waiting when you return ! <3 U
  • If I showed you the finish, could you find the start,
  • If I gave you the key, would you unlock your heart.
  • If I brought you stardust, and the moon on high, If I kissed you softly, wiped a tear from your eye.
  • If I worshiped your shadow, if I caressed your soul, would we be one, to halves of the whole.
  • a kiss is a kiss love is love but without you there isn’t any love
  • Its hard to move on when you see the person your in love with , with someone else kissing passionately
  • A wise girl kisses, but doesn’t love, listens but doesn’t believe, and leaves before she is left.
  • Everyday I wake up knowing that ur not right next to me in bed-everyday I hope for u to come back-everyday I think about the time we first kissed-the times we spent together-staying up at-wondering wat ur doing-waiting for ur calls-still love growing for u-thinking of the day when u went away-thinking of you every second-just missing you everyday.
  • I miss your smell, your touch, your kiss… but most of all…. your lies.
  • I’ve always wanted to know how love felt . buhh it never seemed to cross my path . forever wandering & daydreaming about this overwhelming emotion . fantasizing about holding hands , kissing for no apparent reason , & those hugs , those warm , tight hugs . until one day . that one day changed my life completely. I found love . after all the difficult searching , I was able to find love and I will never let it disappear .
  • The only way you’ll ever come close to flying is from a first kiss…
  • when you look at her do you think of me? when you look into her eyes is it her you really see? and when you kiss her lips do wish they were mine? and when your hands search her body is it me they try to find? its hard to shake our memories and all the love we shared but next time your with her look deep into her eyes and see if its her you really love or if its me you love inside.
  • I had a dream and it was about you, I smiled and relived the memories we had. Then I noticed a tear fell from my eyes,you know why… Because in my dream you kissed me and said goodbye.
  • How I wish to hold you close. To stare into your strong, glorious green eyes. In twined in your arms, my fears vanish. To stay like this is to be in a sweet dream, one that I don’t want to wake up from. I lean in a kiss your cheek. You smile and I kiss your lips, soft and loving. I wish the moment would freeze, but if it did, I wouldn’t miss it and that makes it worth wild. I love you and moments like this mean the world to me.
  • Grab her hand instead of waiting for her to grab yours. Kiss her on her palm, her cheek, her forehead, her nose, before kissing her on the lips. Be soft in touch and strong in presence. That is how she will know that you truly love her.

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