cute long distance letter

I haven’t known you long, but it feels like I’ve known you forever. You bought I BIG smile to my face, till my cheeks hurt, you made me laugh, till I was crying, you made me full for you, even though you wasn’t aiming. Your arrow shot me and now I can’t forget you. The per

To The Boy Far Away

Dear BD, I love you. I’ve never had the guts to say that to anyone before- I’ve never had that feeling before. I thought I would be alone in the world till the very last of my days. I was okay with that. I always imagined myself in secluded coffee shops- reading books, hiking in the wild

I Miss You Dad

Not Knowing You Makes Me Wonder If Ever You Cared About Me.Not Visiting Me Makes Me Wonder If You Ever Loved Me Or Not.Not Seeing You Makes Me Wonder If You Ever Remember Me. I Miss You Dad.Wherever You Are I Want You To Know That I Love You.Please Come Back Daddy,I Need You.I Really Do Miss You.

1st month anniversary

Hey baby,? So Finally it’s our day ?? 30 days of madness 30 days of RJness ? You pushed me through in every situation we faced?? You fought with people when it came to my pride?? I love ur mad kisses????I love ur careless hugs?? love ur smile??n sayin u’r all mine???? yes I am all yours

Nothing without U

I Never forgot that days which i enjoy very moment of my life. Ur the only who touhgt me what is real love.I always miss the moment when u n me thinking about our lovely future.Ur always with me.LOve U

Alone in my thoughts

When all the noise of the busy world grows silent, no lights to be seen for miles around, that is the time when im shaken up the most. because i am alone and i know the thoughts in my head have no distractions, they’ll start running wild and then i’ll think of you. i’ll wonder if y

Untold stories for warren

OUR STORY Untold Letters for PARE When I first saw Warren in my summer class in C.E.U year 2006, I knew, I just fell in love. Unrequited love i thought it was. 6 years had passed but the feeling is still the same. We became group mates in CEU. Hang out once with the group, nothing romantic. But the

My First Love

Dear Jave, I want to say thank you because you made my life better:”) its difficult to express the changes that you made in me and the meaning.i know that you’re the one and i will never regret loving you.because you are the one who make my heart beat.You gave me respect and love.You are

only GOD knows

I wrote this coz I lack the courage to repeat my feelings for you since the day we confessed our feelings months later maybe due to the situation as well. But I am hoping that one day, you’ll be able to read this.. ONLY GOD KNOWS Midnight ticks, Another day to be missed Without seeing your fac

My soul mate…in another part of the world.

Mayo….theres no word in this world that can define the sencereness of my heart in loving you.You came to me in an unexpected time but then again…I know it was the right time for me to feel I already found you as my soul mate.I know how much difference we have,but i don’t care what