cute long distance letter

I haven’t known you long, but it feels like I’ve known you forever. You bought I BIG smile to my face, till my cheeks hurt, you made me laugh, till I was crying, you made me full for you, even though you wasn’t aiming. Your arrow shot me and now I can’t forget you. The per

Alone in my thoughts

When all the noise of the busy world grows silent, no lights to be seen for miles around, that is the time when im shaken up the most. because i am alone and i know the thoughts in my head have no distractions, they’ll start running wild and then i’ll think of you. i’ll wonder if y

Worth the Wait

March 17, 2010, One of the best days in my life I got to spend an entire day with my baby Babe I had the most amazing day one of the best days in my entire life. No I did not climb Mt Everest, or visit the Great Pyramids of Egypt. I did not dine in a beautiful café in Paris or hike the trails in t

My Last Letter

Love what is this blasphemy that you are speaking of cause I know of no such thing now if your talking bout this hole that I have in my heart if that’s what they call love then I don’t want no parts as I sit back in my room remembering on all of the good times we shared I once was in

Celebrating Anniversary

Dear baby, It’s been 4 month now – that’s 1/3 of a year and I’m glad we’ve lasted this long even with everything that’s been slammed on us. It’s been so very hard, but everytime i tell myself that it’s for us, everything all seems so much more easie

Classic Letter of Marriage Proposal

Dear Madam, I have long struggled with the most honorable and respectful passion that ever filled the heart of a man.  Have often tried to reveal it in person and, as often, in this way. But never, till now, could I prevail upon my own fears and doubts. But I can no longer struggle with a secre

Beautiful Love Letters

Copule of beautiful love letters to your beloved Letter 1 My Sweet Darling, Darling, I am mad about thee. Thou art gifted everything a goddess should have owned. I love thy twinkling eyes in which reflected the envying faces of the stars. I desire thy kiss by which thy dazzling lips touch on min

War love letters

Here are some collected love letters from World War 12/9/44 My darling Wife, I’m sitting on the fantail writing this honey and we are all anchored.  Although we aren’t underway, I still can’t say where we are.  There is nothing that reminds me of home here, although I can see

Lost Love

Writing this is asking to one visiting a cemetery, it does nothing for the deceased but wonders for the grieving….and yes I am grieving. Last night, while gazing in the sky..I saw this shimmering light shoot across the heavens as if it was beckoning me..” listen to your heart”,

I Dream of You

Love… what a wonderful curse. It can be the bringer or destruction of happiness. Without you here, I fail to realize that days pass. Time is nothing to me as I look up at the stars yearning for your presence. I could never forget the love we had. My memories are the only things that keep m