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Zelda Sayre to F. Scott Fitzgerald

Zelda Sayre (1900-48) was born in montgomery, Alabama. Daughter of an Alabama High Court judge, Zelda was strikingly beautiful but wild, intelligent but unevenly educated. She married Scott Fitzgerald in 1920 and they had one daughter, Frances (known as Scottie), in 1921. After several years of high

Robert Peary to his wife, Jo

Robert Peary (1856-1920) was born in cresson, Pennsylvania. At 24, he joined the navy, which gave him leave of absence for Arctic exploration. He made his first expedition to Greenland in 1886 with his lifelong associate Matthew Henson; on his second expedition in 1891 he discovered Independence Fjo

Charlotte Bronte to Henry Nussey

This 1839 letters is Charlotte’s response to Nussey’s proposal of marriage, Henry Nussey was brother of her close friend Ellen Nussey. HAWORTH, March 5th, 1839 My Dear Sir Before answering your letter, I might have spent a long time in consideration of its subject; but as from the first moment o

Richard Steele letters to Mary Scurlock

August 12, 1708 Madam, I have your letter, wherein you let me know that the little dispute we have had is far from being a trouble to you; nevertheless, I assure you, any disturbance between us is the greatest affliction to me imaginable. You talk of the judgment of the world ; I shall never govern

1940s Love Letters

These Love Letters which surfaced just recently in December 2009 were found at the back of a UK bus in a bag The letters are addressed from anonymous ‘Xavier’ to a Miss Anna Paton, the bag contained the photos of the couple as along with the letters. Miss Anna, if still alive, would be i