Ghost Romance Books

Romantic Novels and Books involving Ghost and other super natural beings

Ghost Romances:

Alfonsi, Alice – Eternal Love
Alfonsi, Alice – Eternal Sea
Alfonsi, Alice – Eternal Vows
Allen, Sheila Rosalynd – Helpful Ghost, The
Allen, Sheila Rosalynd – Meddlesome Ghost, The
Allen, Sheila Rosalynd – Passionate Ghost, The
Allen, Sheila Rosalynd – Reluctant Ghost, The
Alsobrook, Rosalyn – For the Love of Pete
Alsobrook, Rosalyn – Perfect Stranger, The
Alsobrook, Rosalyn – Tomorrow’s Treasures
Ashford, Jane – Bargain, The

Baker, Jeanette – Irish Lady
Barrett, Victoria – Beside a Dreamswept Sea
Barrett, Victoria – Beyond the Misty Shore
Barrett, Victoria – Upon a Mystic Tide
Bartlett, Jean Anne – Angelica
Bartlett, Jean Anne – Eliza
Bartlett, Jean Anne – Theodosia
Beard, Julie – My Fair Lord
Bennett, Janice – Matchmaking Ghost, The
Berg, Patti – Till the End of Time
Biggs, Cheryl – Family Tradition
Burkhardt, Mary – Highland Ecstasy

Calvin, June – My Lady Ghost
Calvin, June – My Lord Ghost
Cameron, Stella – More and More
Carey, Suzanne – Eleanora’s Ghost
Carmichael, Emily – A Ghost for Maggie
Chandler, Laurel – Shades of Moonlight
Chesney, Marion – Ghost and Lady Alice, The
Chittenden, Margaret – When the Spirit is Willing
Civil-Brown, Sue – Carried Away
Civil-Brown, Sue – Chasing Rainbow
Claybourne, Casey – Ghost of a Chance, A
Claybourne, Casey – Spirited Seduction, A
Compton, Katherine – Whispers in the Wind
Cordaire, Christina – Spring Enchantment
Coulter, Catherine – Sherbrooke Bride, The

Dick, R.A. – Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The
Dier, Debra – Beyond Forever
Domning, Denise – Lady in White

Ellis, Monique – Dauntry’s Dilemma
Erskine, Barbara – Midnight is a Lonely Place
Estrada, Rita Clay – Ivory Key, The
Evanick, Marcia – Guardian Spirit

Farraday, Tess – Blue Rain
Farraday, Tess – Shadows in the Flame
Farraday, Tess – Snow in Summer
Ferguson, Jo Ann – Phantom Affair, A
Flanders, Rebecca – Earthbound
Fletcher, Donna – Whispers on the Wind
Forest, Regan – Lady and the Dragon, The
Forest, Regan – Sheriff of Devil’s Fork, The
Francis, Robin – Shocking Ms. Pilgrim, The
Freiman, Kate – Earth Angel

Gerard, Cindy – Dream Tide
Gladden, Theresa – Angie and the Ghostbuster
Gordon, Lucy – Woman of Spirit, A
Graham, Heather – Magical Christmas, A
Grant, Elaine – Roses for Chloe
Greene, Jennifer – Bewildered
Greene, Jennifer – Bothered

Haaf, Beverly T. – Chanting, The
Haines, Carolyn – Them Bones
Hallam, Elizabeth – Spirit Catcher
Hart, Catherine – Splendor
Hart, Neesa – Halfway to Paradise
Hayden, Laura – Chance of a Lifetime
Heath, Sandra – Haunting of Henrietta, The
Hendrickson, Emily – Julia’s Spirit
Henley, Virginia – Tempted
Herter, Lori – Willow File, The
Hix, Willa – Coming Home
Hoag, Tami – Magic
Hohl, Joan – Shadow’s Kiss
Holbrook, Cindy – Lord Sayer’s Ghost
Holbrook, Cindy – Wedding Ghost, The
Hooper, Kay – Rebel Waltz
Howard, Linda – Now You See Her

Jackson, Melanie – Iona
Jarrod, Sara – Arranged in Heaven
Jarrod, Sara – Heaven Above
Jarrod, Sara – Heavenly Bliss
Jensen, Shirl – Out of the Past
Johnson, Martha – Legacy of Dreams
Johnston, Linda O. – Once a Cavalier
Jones, Jill – My Lady Caroline

Kane, Kathleen – Still Close to Heaven
Kauffman, Donna – Legend MacKinnon, The
Kaye, Amber – Haunted by Love
Keast, Karen – One Lavender Evening
Kelleher, Anne – Ghost and Katie Coyle, The
Kells, Sabine – Shadows on a Sunset Sea
Kerstan, Lynn & Alicia Rasley – Gwen’s Christmas Ghost
Kirkwood, Kathleen – Shades of the Past
Kistler, Julie – Dream Lover
Krinard, Susan – Body and Soul
Kurland, Lynn – Stardust of Yesterday

Layton, Edith – Lady of Spirit
LeClaire, Day – To Catch a Ghost
Lee, Rachel – Imminent Thunder
Lockhart, Lynn – Nickie’s Ghost
Lykins, Jenny – Lost Yesterday
Lynn, Raina – Haunting Hope

Maclay, Charlotte – Ghostly Affair, A
Madden, Mickee – Dusk Before Dawn
Madden, Mickee – Everlastin’
Madden, Mickee – Hope Everlastin’
Madden, Mickee – Love Everlastin’
Mansfield, Elizabeth – Phantom Lover, The
Mars, Kasey / Martin, Kat – Silent Rose, The
Marton, Sandra – ‘Til Tomorrow
McWilliams, Judith – Anything’s Possible
Michaels, Barbara – Ammie, Come Home
Michaels, Barbara – Vanish With the Rose
Miller, Linda Lael – Wild About Harry

O’Brien, Judith – Forever Bride, The
O’Brien, Judith – Maiden Voyage
O’Day-Flannery, Constance – Once in a Lifetime
O’Day-Flannery, Constance – Gift, The

Parker, Laura – For Love’s Sake Only
Parker, Laura – Moon Shadow
Pender, Laura – Pirate Ghost, The
Plunkett, Susan – Soul Survivor
Putman, Eileen – Perfect Bride, The

Quick, Amanda – Wicked Widow

Rainville, Rita – High Spirits
Rainville, Rita – Lady Moonlight
Randell, Kimberly – In the Midnight Hour
Rasley, Alicia – SEE Kerstan, Lynn
Ray, Angie – Ghost of My Dreams
Ray, Angie – Ghostly Enchantment
Recknor, Ellen – Prophet Annie
Riley, Eugenia – Waltz in Time
Riley, Eugenia – Phantom in Time
Riley, Judith Merkle – In Pursuit of the Green Lion
Roberts, Nora – Jewels of the Sun
Rose, Katie – Case For Romance, A
Roszel, Renee – Ghost Whispers

Sanders, Glenda – Dark Secrets
Sanders, Glenda – Haunting Secrets
Sanders, Glenda – Lovers’ Secrets
Sandler, Karen – Night Whispers
Sandler, Karen – Unforgettable
Savery, Jeanne – Lord Galveston and the Ghost
Scott, Amanda – Highland Spirits
Scott, DeLoras – Springtown
Scott, DeLoras – Timeless
Simpson, Patricia – Jade
Simpson, Patricia – Just Before Midnight
Simpson, Patricia – Legacy, The
Skye, Christina – Bride of the Mist
Skye, Christina – Bridge of Dreams
Skye, Christina – Christmas Knight
Skye, Christina – “Enchantment”  (Haunting Love Stories anthology)
Skye, Christina – Hour of the Rose
Skye, Christina – Key to Forever
Skye, Christina – Perfect Gift, The
Skye, Christina – Season of Wishes
Skye, Christina – “What Dreams May Come”  (Bewitching Love Stories anthology)
Speer, Flora – Christmas Carol
Steel, Danielle – Ghost, The
Sterling, Cynthia – Great Caesar’s Ghost
Sterling, Cynthia – Willing Spirit, A
Sterling, Donna – Possessing Elissa
Stewart, Mariah – Carolina Mist
St.James, Scotney – Heather Mist
Stockenberg, Antoinette – Beloved
Stockenberg, Antoinette – Beyond Midnight
Stockenberg, Antoinette – Dream a Little Dream
Stockenberg, Antoinette – Embers
Stockenberg, Antoinette – Emily’s Ghost
Stockenberg, Antoinette – Time After Time
Stover, Deb – Almost an Angel
Stover, Deb – Shades of Rose
Stover, Deb – Willing Spirit, A
Stuart, Anne – Dark and Stormy Night, A

Temple, Sarah – Kindred Spirits
Thane, Elswyth – Tryst

Weyrich, Becky Lee – Almost Heaven
Weyrich, Becky Lee – Sweet Forever
Wilhelm, Terri Lynn – Hidden Magic, A
Wilkins, Gina – Valentine Wish, A
Wilkins, Gina – Wish for Love, A
Williams, Leigh Anne – Spirits Willing
Williams, Roseanne – True Blue Knight, A
Wilson, Rachel – Bittersweet Summer
Wilson, Rachel – Heaven’s Promise
Wilson, Rachel – Restless Spirits
Wilson, Rachel – Spirit of Love
Wisdom, Linda – Free Spirits

Various Authors: Christmas Spirits anthology by:
Elizabeth Bevarly, Casey Claybourne, Lynn Kurland, and
Jenny Lykins

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  1. I am searching for a romance book I read a long time ago about a newly married couple who live in a manor haunted by a lady who was killed in the tudor period by her husband because he wanted a boy. In the end they find her skeleton walled up in a room

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