Love Letter Ideas & Tips

Love letters are a wonderful way to express your faithful devotion to your spouse or rekindle those flames of romance that are sometimes neglected as husbands and wives.  Here are a few tips and ideas adapted from Michelle Lovric’s How to Write Love Letters on writing the perfect love letter.

1.  Write your Love letter with your own hand.  It not only shows how genuine you are, but the effort you have made in writing it.  Make you signature memorable as it is a symbol of who you are.  Write neatly and elegantly.

2.    Use good quality paper, like plain ivory vellum.  Avoid paper that is decorated to the point of being hard to read the actual letter.

3.     A fountain pen has a certain romantic quality about it.  But in the least, stick with using a clear black pen to write with.

4.     Before writing your letter, make sure you are clear in your own mind about the purpose of the letter.  Is it to celebrate your marital bliss?  Mend an argument?  Reminisce about your life together?

5.     Be specific in your writing about what you appreciate about your spouse.  A specific description about what attributes (physical or personal) you adore or admire will garner greater response than a general statement about your spouse’s character.  For example, “I love the way you glance at me across the room when we are in company” is more descriptive and personal than “You are very considerate of me.”  Your spouse will respond to the intimate details that you have lovingly observed.

6.     Try not to pursue the trivial in your love letter.  Make your letter something that your spouse will want to keep forever, a memento of love and passion, undiluted by trivia or mundane technicalities.

7.     Write in a conversational style that is true to yourself.  Try also to use proper grammar without being stiff.  Individuality is the greatest delight of a letter.  The most cherished letters are those in which the writer’s soul has been poured out on paper.  Write a letter that no one but you could have written.

8.     Avoid copious underlining and capitals.  IT LOOKS LIKE SHOUTING!!!

9.     By all means be witty in your letters, but avoid irony and teasing.

10.     Write from the heart.  Using quotes or lines of poetry written by another can be appropriate, but the bulk of the letter should be your own.

Now here are a few creative ways to send your love letter.

1.     Scent it with your favorite perfume.

2.     Give your love a taped collection of romantic songs

3.     Write your spouse a love note in lipstick or soap on the bathroom mirror.

4.      Write your love letter in indelible ink- in a tiny envelope- planted inside an ice-cube in a drink.

5.      Make a collage using pictures and mementos for your spouse.

6.      Write your love notes in a series of rolled tiny notes and tucked into closed tulips or roses.  As the flowers open, the notes will appear.

7.      Send your spouse a letter at the office disguised as an important business letter.

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