cute long distance letter

I haven’t known you long, but it feels like I’ve known you forever. You bought I BIG smile to my face, till my cheeks hurt, you made me laugh, till I was crying, you made me full for you, even though you wasn’t aiming. Your arrow shot me and now I can’t forget you. The perfect smile you gave me, and how could I not smile back, you was the one I have been looking for. Your thousands of miles away, but I know you can feel my heart beating. Me missing you, is the pain you also get in your chest, like a bomb is there! that’s love, my love for you is stronger than anything and you will never know, because you are thousands of miles away. No-one can stop me, for loving you, missing you or thinking about you. trying to not miss you, is hard, it exhausts me out. Your always in my dreams & a day doesn’t go by were I haven’t thought about you!

Baby, your just the one & I miss you.

Missing you hurts, but knowing your thousands of miles away, kills me (L)

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