Goodbye My love

My Darling,

I still love you more than life itself even though I have not seen your beautiful face or felt your soft touch. How I ache for that wonderful touch, for never again will I feel so alive or warm and secure as I did when we were together and you were holding me.

When you looked at me with nothing but love and acceptance in your eyes, it was truly the only time in my life that I felt loved in spite of all our complications.

You gave me so much more than love; you gave me the total confidence to be able to give my love in return without the all-consuming fear of rejection. You gave me the right to be loved in a world that had robbed me of so very many of the ordinary things of life that most humans take as a God given right.

No one but you my darling will ever know me in the same way that I allowed myself to be with you. You have given me if only for a short time in the cycle of my life the one and only tangible reason for my existence.

If it may transpire that I am never again as happy, contented or peaceful in that total overwhelming feeling of being loved with the same intensity as I love, it does not matter. I have experienced the happiest days of all with you.

Goodbye my darling, you will be with me in my heart and in my soul forever.

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