War love letters

Here are some collected love letters from World War


My darling Wife,
I’m sitting on the fantail writing this honey and we are all anchored.  Although we aren’t underway, I still can’t say where we are.  There is nothing that reminds me of home here, although I can see hills and trees around me.  Just ships and water.  I get so tired of it sometimes.  I only wish I could tell some of the things I’ve seen.
They’re not good things to tell, though.  War is Hell., honey.  I’ve seen so many horrible things out here.

On the ship next to us they’re playing jazz music on the fantail while they repair the damage..  Down below there are two boys trapped that they haven’t got to yet.  Now they’re playing “I’ll Walk Alone.”  Gosh, it’s beautiful.  Now it’s “Sunrise Serenade”.  When we’re in port we really put in a days work, but I don’t have to stand a watch tonight so I’ll get some rest.  I can see from here a ship that a buddy of mine is on, although we haven’t had time to see each other yet.  I don’t get a lot of time to visit around here.  Darling I have to stop now because it’s too dark to see.  How are Gene and Polly?  I miss them so much.  Even if I was out here for ten years I wouldn’t let myself forget.  They both mean so much to me.  I’m afraid Polly won’t remember me so I’ll have to get re-aquainted with her when I get home.  Well darling, I must go.  Love to you and the children.

My Darling Wife,

Right now I’ve no idea where the Hell we are.  No one does.  I’m not sure even the captain knows!  We’ve traveled as many miles as any D.E has ever traveled in the time that we’ve been at sea.  I’ve seen almost all of the islands that we have taken from the Japs and we have seen NAVAL CENSOR but as yet it’s been only NAVAL CENSOR the last island that we were at.  We were at one of the prettiest islands that I’ve seen yet.  Maybe it was the smooth water and trees, but it reminded me of Salem.  We also saw our first ring nosed native the other day.  He was in a boat no bigger than himself fishing coconuts out of the water.  We shouted at him to throw us some but he gestured that we’d have to come and get them.  It was also the first time that I’d seen lightning in almost a year.  There was a small storm that blew in and made me realize that it hadn’t rained since we left NAVAL CENSOR .  I’m sitting on the fantail right now and the pages are getting wet from the rain, so I have to get inside.  I love you and the children and please tell them that I’ll be home soon.

I love you Wife

(the pages of this letter still have watermarks from the rain on them.)
My Darling Wife,
Here I am again, sweetheart, with only a few minutes to write and so very much to say.  Let me first assure that I AM STILL OK,  and I miss you and the children so very much.  Is it hot yet back home, honey.  I can imagine it is.  But I’ll bet it’s not as hot there as it is here!!!  I wish I was home so badly, honey.  I would give anything to hear those church bells ring on Sunday morning.  Each day the war gets closer to ending, but it still seems so far away.

We’re rolling aalong right now and I’m below deck.  You can really hear the water splashing along the sides.  Boy, I would love to go swimming again.  It’s been some time since I’ve gone.  Honey, I’ve spent two days on this letter, spending every free minute I have filling it in.  The mail boat just pulled along side but I didn’t get anything.  There’s nothing to this riding along and seeing nothing but water, working hard, and being scared out of your wits.  Boy, we’ve really had some close calls.  I guess we all just pray really hard. At Iwo the bombs were falling all around us.  But I’ve seen much worse than that since.  You mentioned something to me about getting a rest now.  Honey, that is so VERY WRONG.  I’m glad to see that Bill is coming home.  I only wish my time was up.  Things are getting better it seems, though.

Well honey, I have to finish this letter before the boat leaves.  I love you and the children and please keep praying for us out here.

All my love, Bob

Hello Darling Wife and Children,
Well darling it won’t be long now.  Our boys are really on those Germans.  They can’t win and neither can those damn Japs.  It may take us a liitle longer to finish them off, but they know their number is up.  We’ll get ’em sweetheart, and then it will be so good to be home.  But I can’t think about that now because it’s not over yet.  The Japs will still fight on but not for long.    Keep planning and saving and soon all our hopes and prayers will be answered.  I’ve working today and boy,   I can fully realize that when they say you go aboard your work really starts, they mean it.  Tonight I work from 12 to 3 and starting saturday we go on watch aboard ship.

Well darling, I must go.  I’ll write a longer letter tonight.

My love to you and the children.

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