To The Boy Far Away

Dear BD,

I love you.

I’ve never had the guts to say that to anyone before- I’ve never had that feeling before. I thought I would be alone in the world till the very last of my days. I was okay with that. I always imagined myself in secluded coffee shops- reading books, hiking in the wilderness, sleeping under the stars listening to my choice of love songs. All my visions were of me, alone. Now, when I close my eyes my mind puts you there, like the answer to a question I didn’t know I asked. I see you making me laugh in a coffee shop, I see us holding hands underneath the trees, and I see us in each other’s arms underneath the stars…enjoying the love songs together. I consider myself a brave person- but the pressure that feels so good when you put your foot against mine makes me weak and frail. I am a shadow of who I am. I am a stranger. Without you, I am still me, just incomplete. Find me.

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