Loving from a distance

.. hiding my feelings for you, hurts me a lot.. i wish i don’t have to talk, i wish i don’t need to be hurt. i hope you can feel it by now… loving you from a distance make my heart ache…

Loving from a distance  Quotes

Love is but a burning fire, the distance between us only increases our desire.


Loving from distanceI am jealous of people who get to see you everyday

3 thoughts on “Loving from a distance”

  1. You are like 300 miles away from here, and every night and every day, I beg to god “Please let me hold her tight, let me tell her how much I love her, let me kiss her as it was our last day”. It won’t be a easy task I know that, but I will work my best to have you around my arms, where we are close in heart. But for now that just a dream… a beautiful dream. Could I get you off my mind… This time.

  2. so far away is where you are and now we can’t talk. i’m so lost. i’m missing a piece of me now that you’re gone. i don’t even know if you love me anymore or still care. i hope that oneday we see each other again oneday.

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