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By registering at the forums , you agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions as long as you hold this username and failure to do so may result in severe consequences.



Upon registering, you agree to never use this forum for any vulgar, false, sexually oriented, threatening, obscene, abusive, hateful, slanderous, or anything that violates ANY acceptable laws; and you also agree to never hack, or attempt to hack into any area of this forum.  You also agree never to post any copyrighted material, which you do not expressly own the copyright to, or that you do not have the authorization to use.  Advertisements, spam (or useless information posted often), solicitation, and chain letters ARE NOT allowed on this forum


Administrators/Moderators will do their best to interfere as little as possible (but still making sure the rules are followed) and to allow the members to express themselves freely (again as long as the rules are followed), however they can move/delete/edit your post if any of these rules are not followed. And if an  administrator/moderator points or says something that is not on this rules page, it should still be followed.


Although the moderators and administrator of this forum try their best to keep this forum free of any offensive content, there may be small, isolated incidents in which it is posted, and you as a user, accesses it.  While we will try to remove such content before it is accessed by you or other users, it is impossible for us to keep track on each message posted on this forum at every moment of the day.  If such content is posted, we will either edit or remove the post, and the appropriate action will be taken towards the user.  You, therefore, acknowledge that all material posted on these forums express the views and opinions of the user which made the post and not the administrators, moderators, or system administrator (unless the posts are made by these people); therefore we cannot, and will not be held reliable for such content that is posted on these forums.



Failure to abide by these terms will subject your account to an immediate and permanent banning from our forum, and, depending on the severity of the incident, we may contact your internet service provider (ISP).  For this reason, your IP address is logged each time you post a message, login or logout of the forum and each click is logged for a certain amount of time.  This information will be expressly used to assist us if there are any attempts to hack into certain areas of this forum and may be used to contact your ISP upon breaking this agreement.




Please keep signatures SMALL. Incredibly large images or lots of text in a signature cause the messages to load extremely slowly, remember not all of us have broadband



Max image Size in signatures is 468x80 pixels

No obtrusive images.

Animated GIF’s are not allowed

Images with garish Colors and offensive design are not allowed.

Not more than one image in your signature
          Links to other websites in the same niche are not allowed
If you don't meet the above requirements, a moderator will message you with a warning and even offer to help you fix it. If you do not fix it within three days after warning, you may have your signature removed without any further notice.




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