You’re my best friends

I am nothing. I am absolutely nothing to you people. You ignore me constantly. You guys are the reason I wake up every morning and drag myself to school. You guys are the reason I’m alive. You guys are my best friends, my family. My everything. You guys are everything to me…but I’m nothing to you. You don’t care. Would you notice if I wasn’t feeling well? If I was heartbroken? Would you even notice if, one day, I just suddenly wasn’t there? Would you care if I wasn’t there…? How did it end up like this? How did I end up so alone? My heart is breaking. It’s shattering, all because you guys don’t give a crap about me. I love you guys. I would die for you…but you wouldn’t even get a paper cut for me. You’re my best friends, the only people I have left. To you, I’m nothing. I’m some stranger. I’m just another face in the crowd. I’m…nothing.

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