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Friends are the people who crack up if you pee your pants.but in the end they pee their pants.

just wanna be in love. where love will push me to be what iwant to be..!

Love blowz!

To love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart, and to sing it to them when they have forgotten.

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.

im slowly dying from the heart ache that has been placed apon my soft heart...
please go on with you normal life and try not to step in the pool of blood by my body

I long for you, to be in your arms, to be in your care, without any harms.

it's kinda hard knowing that you are not's kinda hard dreaming about the mornings and hoping u would be im so use to listening to slow musin humming every tune jus wishing by now u would have walked into the room ,its kinda hard not seeing your face but jus not there is not another that will take your place

HeSz like damn gurl you finefromhead to toe im like chill boy i already knoe...HesZ like why u like that and im like chill boy u dunt wanna meet me im 10gar and 10ice but im 80itch...AnD hesz lik immMa CHILL and im like gewd boy!!!!!

Wanna feel pain? Then try falling in love...

they say your eyes are the window to your heart and soul.....
if so...why can't you see that i love you?

if you love someone tell them, because hearts are broken,
by words unspoken.

Forget the one who forgot you
Forget the one who made you cry
Forget the one said they loved you
Forget the one who broke your heart

Put the bullet in my heart go on before you break it~

what is here today, may not be here tomorrow

Don't make a living at the expense of life, and don't makea life andthe expense of love.

sometimes cying is important than smiling,
youcan smile to everyone
you cannot cry to the one you cannot leave

i wont stare;; i wont flirt
i'll act as if it doesn't hurt
i'll just smile and say im fine
hiding lies with that old line
oh but only if you knew
that i would ((D.i.E)) to be with you

A boy loves this girl but the girl didn't mind. One day the boy got sick and was about to die, then the girl asked, "Why are you leaving me?" then the boy answered, "So I can be your angel and love you forever"

love is like an makes you cry

Love is like Tug-of-war. It hurts so bad to holdon, But for some reason, you just can't let go.

Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself

Today I Cried Over Him
Tomorrow I Will Laugh Over Him

You always shower me with cash, you always splash me with diamonds, you always pour me a glass of wine, but never spill a single drop of love.

i wish i cud see thru ur eyes so i wud know what u like to see.i wish i knew your wishes, so i wud give u everything u want. i wish i dreamed the same dreams u do, and together we can make them come true. i wish i knew what makes u happy, so i wud make u the happiest person in the world. And lastly, i wish i was a cell in ur blood, so i wud be sure i was somewhere in ur heart....

God gave us
Two eyes, two hands, two feet
Two arms, and two legs......
but only one heart,
because he gave the other one
.........To some one else
and its your job to try and find it.

I rather not sleep than risk dreaming of you.

love is like a ghost some people believe it
some people experience it...

you really cant deny when your in matter what you do....even if you try not to be affected you just cant it! it just shows that hear can't deny...and love can never lie..


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