Cute Friendship Quotes

Collection of some cute quotes dedicated to friendship and best Friends

Friends Don’t judge us

Friends Don’t judge us, friends accept us!

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We’ve been friends for so long

We’ve been friends for so long
Even when things went wrong
You were there through thick and thin
And always made me grin
We moved away from each other
And want to be together
Always and forever
There’ll be no other
Best friends is what we are
Even when we’re far
We write or call
Just to hear one another
I think of you each day
And hope you’re okay
Lets keep it that way
Today and everyday

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Trust with your life

A friend is someone who you can trust with your life

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New Sweet Friendship

Friendship is sweet when its new, sweeter when its true but you know
what its sweetest when the friend is you. so I am blessed to have you as
my friend

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