What is love?

I thought that once you feel like youre special when youre with somebody thats it, youre in love.

But unfortunately, lets not pretend. Love isnt just about the sweet messages and sweet words that come out of his mouth. Not about the times when you would be showered in gifts and presents. Not about dates that you dont pay for, not about the times when he would bring you home safely.

It is all about the things that cannot be heard, or seen. Just that strong feeling, strong chemistry between you two. No matter where you two are, no matter whos around, it feels like its just you two and nothing can break that bond.

See love for me?

i think its all the things you do for that particular person without them knowing. Without having to point it out or explain to them that youre doing it for them you know?…But at the end they actually felt it all along and are grateful for it.

you dont have to tell someone you LOVE them.

You just have to let them feel it…

and if they do…

thats love.


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