True love

For I know true love, I wake up to them every morning, think about them all day, and kiss them all good night before I lie to sleep. They make my life compleat and brighten my days. For I know true love, I’m a wife and a mother!


“The best way to be happiest everyday in a workplace is to adapt to the attitude and behavior of the workforce who have got the longest stay, as their character is the proven reflection of the quality expectation by a person at the helm who plays the biggest role in all affairs with his say. …

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True To Oneself

“A person who is in the elements of his own is often thrown to a situation to be shown all alone; and people who aren’t may be in a position seen by all, but they are often unknown to be utterly lone.”~Anuj Somany

Old People True love

Old people got it right. Go slow, forget, don’t listen, barely see, go to bed early, be kind, wake up smiling, enjoy the sunrise/sunsets together, tell stories. Now wondering why they’ve been married so long… That must be the secret to true love!

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