When I need you most

I’ll whisper in your ear “I need you.”
I’ll promise you myself that you’ll always be there,
You’ll catch me when i’m about to fall,
And you won’t let anybody bring me down.
I’ll tell myself that you’ll someday need me too.
I’ll remind myself that once upon a time —
You and I, Me and You, Us together,
We were one day, the “perfect two.”
I need you now,
I need you to hold me in your arms,
I need you to promise me that you’ll never let me go,
Not just because your’ promises are always and forever,
But becayse you can’t live on without me,
You don’t want to imagine a day without me in your life.
Now is your time,
To show to me; To show to the world…
That you need me now.

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