I cry and yell

I close my eyes and wish for someone to see the pain I feel inside, the pain that I hide. But nobody notices, nobody realises how I feel. I put on a smile for everyone to see, I say everything’s fine, when really…I feel like dying. I just wish someone could see, I wish someone could understand. But, nobody notices and nobody sees. I wish for somebody to hold me, for someone to wipe away my tears, for someone to say that everything’s going to be okay. At night, I scream and shout for someone to hear. I cry and yell for someone to notice my pain. All I want is for someone to see…

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  1. rose says:

    this describes me all the way. everything i feel. and now it’s out there for the world to see. but i bet anything still no one understands it, even though it’s out there it’s still invisible, just like i am to everyone.

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