Love can never be framed

Dear Dylan,
You’re the one that i will never regret loving. I pray to keep you in my life. Even though i know that we are still young i know that there is something there that not even God can change. You where put in my life for a reason. I personally am still trying to figure out that reason. but no matter what I am your BABY MOMO. I will never leave you alone. I wont ever run away. Love is just one way of expressing the love and affection that lays in my heart for you. Sometimes i cant even find the words to explain how much i really do love you. I know that my grandmother may never understand what i feel for you.BABY i dont need my grandmother to understand the unconditional and endless feelings that run through me for you. I wont ever be able to stop caring for you. 3 months are going to turn in to 300 years. cause we will last forever. I am yours and you are my soul mate!!!!


3 thoughts to “Love can never be framed”

    1. Dear Ella

      You Got it all even my heart,You are perfect to me..I will Love You forever.Of all the people in the world..You chose me to love you..I’m glad and Lucky having you to love.If I can, I will not leave you, as long I as I do I will not give up, as long as I breathe I will not let you go. I`m not owning you but that’s how I love, I will fight if I know there’s still a chance.


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