only GOD knows

I wrote this coz I lack the courage to repeat my feelings for you since the day we confessed our feelings months later maybe due to the situation as well.
But I am hoping that one day, you’ll be able to read this..


Midnight ticks,
Another day to be missed
Without seeing your face
Coz we are hours apart

You may not know it
Coz I refuse to tell it
To let you know

How much I can wait for you
Even you do not say so
How much I understand
Our situation

God knows
How much I love you
I wanna shout
I LOVE YOU only to you!

Waiting for a lifetime
Seems Easy
If it was you,
I’ll be waiting

I have prayed
And He answered
I can pray a little harder
Til we say “yes I DO”.

Just tonight
I pray for a miracle
To see a light
between us

It was never easy
Confesssing our feelings
While we already
passed several years

But i am now certain
it is only you
only you
whom i can give my heart to

i hope you do too
i hope you love me too
just say it coz i will not assume
but even if, my feelings wont fade

it is the same
beats only for you
since the day i saw you
and i believe will beat forever for you

Nov 5 2012

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