George Bernard Shaw to Ellen Terry

Do you read these jogged scrawls, I wonder. I think of your poor eyes, and resolve to tear what I have written up: then I look out at the ghostly country and the beautiful night, and I cannot bring myself to read a miserable book…Yes, as you guess, Ellen, I am having a bad attack of you just a

Funny Love Letters

Funny Love Letter 1 Outside there are thousands of these maple “helicopter” seeds. they spin to the ground, antagonized by the wind. they hit the ground, nothing. they hit the grass, they stand up. more like they’re propped up by the harmless blades of grass. didn’t notice it till toda

Sexy Love Letters

Some Sexy and Sensual Love Letters Sexy Love Letter 1 My Sweet Amore If words could only begin to express what it is I feel. I fell for you from the beginning, feeling something deep and true. My heart touched, my soul embraced, I Love You! A warm feeling rains from your lips & covers me co