I Love You

You are such an important part of me, such a precious part of my life, and yet its hard to convey the depth of my love…
Its difficult to express the changes you have made in me and the meaning, you have added to my life, Words do not do justice to my emotions when I want you, need you, and love you.. with every breath of my being.
I Love You beyond words and actions, beyond meaning. My mind, my body, even my senses, are full of you. You are as important to my life as the very beat of my heart. I hope you can look into my eyes, deep within my soul, and know without words that you are the part of me I treasure most..

Let’s always share our innermost thoughts, our doubts, fears, and joys, because in sharing, we will have closeness. Lets always remain each other’s bestfriend, being patient, giving, and supportive, because in love we will have trust.

I dont ever want to take you for granted. I dont ever want to forget what it was like before you or how it would be without you… I dont ever want to forget our first kiss or our last touch, or let a day go by without telling you how much I need you in my life and how deeply I Love You..

Always yours

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