Open Letter to someone I Love


its been a long time now since the first time we met but i never ever failed to remember how a wrong place in a wrong time would end up a perfect love like what i have with you. i didn’t expect that it is through me that your seemed-to-be-wrong-ways would straighten up like the way you suppress my own ways from turning to what is awry. i just cant help myself but to simper when imagining how we accidentally started it all. i was not certain if its alright ti smile because of our very funny beginning or i just have to simper because of its slot ways.
it started when you tried to patch things up with your ex-girlfriend and i tried to patch things up with myself. all i knew was i was there because i wanted to have fun with my new friends who happened to be your friends also. but eventually i found myself enjoying the moment with you and also the same thing to you with me instead with your ex-lover. the next day we met again and i didn’t know why i easily gave in. it seems we met long time before that made me trust you in that snap of time. that was so full of emotions but i was not sure if it was already love. everyone knew that we were lovers but we ourselves, knew we never been.
Those were all are pretendings. but then we realize pretendings do come true. we find ourselves unwilling to let go of each other. until we realize we are falling in love. you love me not only because of the beautiful things that you can see in me but you also love me even in my worst,despite of my heavy snoar at night you still want to stay awake just to see me sleeping. and even i have loved you for what you are. i just cant imagine how i forgave a mistake which seems to be unforgivable to women a man could commit.yet, however i swallowed my pride and wholeheartedly accepted your apology and you promised me that it wont happen again in which i proved true. i know that it made you realize how sacrificial and deep my love is. you always ask me why does a teacher like me loves someone who never been a good student. remember what i told you? it is because you taught me a lot of lesson. you taught me that love doesn’t need to be blind because if it is blind then it is not true you said all we need is acceptance.. you have changed my idea about a perfect act of love. i believed that it is sweeter when a boy surprises a girl in front of a very famous resto uttering words of love with chocolates and a ring. but for you its doesnt matter…now i realize that its sweet of you when you are preparing my bed and making it sure that nothing would disturb me in my whole night sleep. it never miss a chance to put a smile on my face when thinking how i made you prepare my meal in which you never even did for your mother. it makes me realize how a simple conversation in your granny’s garden or how the times you play your guitar with me singing would be better and sweeter than an expensive date outside.
I guess you never even have an idea how my heart jumps inside of me when you kiss my head as you bade goodnight. but do you know what’s the sweetest ? it is when you just silently look at me because in your deafening silence i can hear you telling me please don’t leave. of course! how can i leave someone so important behind. i will never leave my love! that’s a promise!! i love you!

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