Still on my mind

My dearest Keith, It has been a year and you are still on my mind. You seem to only exists in my heart and float around in my dreams. Illusion or not I fell in love with you, I breathed your air, I shared your joys and your pains. For every tear that fell from your eyes two fell from mine.

Three Beautiful Love Letters

Jennifer, You are my heart, my soul, and all that I am. I love you more with every breath I take and my love renews every time I think about you. I am glad to have the honor of being yours. My friend, my love, my queen, and the woman I cherish with all the energy that I can draw from my heart. ~

Difficult to Express

Kerry, I find it difficult if not impossible to try and express in words what I feel for you. I find that they are only clumsy echoes of my feelings sounded in ink upon paper which unlike my love for you, will eventually wither. As I hold you, I peer into the tranquil sea that your eyes unfold b