Still on my mind

My dearest Keith,

It has been a year and you are still on my mind. You seem to only exists in my heart and float around in my dreams.
Illusion or not I fell in love with you, I breathed your air, I shared your joys and your pains.
For every tear that fell from your eyes two fell from mine. Every time I missed you a star fell from the sky,
and the universe began to smother me and make me feel even smaller without you.
Life as I know it hasn’t been the same, strong yearnings and emotional roller coasters have tormented me
and tempted me to give in to thinking about you but in the end it won the exhausting battle and my life has come to an unexplainable halt,
the drive that I once had to strive to succeed suddenly vanished from my body,
now I feel like I am stuck in quicksand and can’t even reach out towards you for fear I will sink even further.

The only advice I can almost trust in is “Time Heals all Wounds” well how much time……. Everything I am, everything I will ever be is because of you. Ever since you entered my life you brought everything that I could ever want-you. You complete my soul and I could never imagine my life without you in it. I promise that I will love you with all of my heart. My love is so deep and real that I believe it will out distance the clock of eternity. You have added this part of me that is so great, so unbelievably drunk with joy that I will never begin to understand. I don’t know exactly what you did to me, but I thank the angel’s everyday, for letting you come rescue me. I love you and I will never stop feeling that.

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