I miss you

There is not a moment during the day that I stop thinking about you. You are apart of my soul, like the sunrise in the morning is how you cam into my life. For you the rain stops and the sun starts shining. Since the day I met you, when I looked at you I knew that my pain wouldn’t hurt no more, it would be happiness forever. We are going to be 2 loving couples for eternity. If I wouldn’t have meet you I don’t know what would happen to me. Without your loving look, I wouldn’t live, without the beating of your heart the world is colder. All my life I have been waiting for you, my love. This is what I really needed to tell you. The words contained in my heart pale in the conveyance of those deep and passionate emotions. My heart longs to express the depth of my love for you and words continue to fail me. My pleading eyes look within you and see that you understand with your soul what my lips cannot say. The joy of that knowledge nourishes my spirit with love everlasting.

I love you deeply
I like you very much
You are deep in my soul
I love doing art with you
I love playing with you
I like being serious with you
I like taking your glasses off
I love being next to you with nothing between us
I like your inexperience
I love the way you explore me
I like the way you touch me, like no one has ever done, with love and respect
I like knowing that we are going to be together forever for I love you and you excite me so.

~Dedicated to my love Robert from Maureen~

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