Your True Love

To be truly loved by someone is the greatest gift anyone can receive. I am truly loved and I truly love you. You passionate, understanding and caring. You never asks for anything but only my love in return. I questioned that love for I have never felt true love before. To have butterflies every time you walk in to the room, to feel the passion in you , and feel completely fulfilled. True love can not be measured or questioned. True love only comes once in a lifetime and some never find it. For those people who find it are truly blessed. So becuase of you I cosider myself very lucky and blessed,

You are the reason I believe in love, the reason I have felt love, the reason I am sure of love. I will never, ever forget the night at the park…and will always cherish every moment we’ve shared since then. I hope that all we are going through will make us stronger in the end. Let me love you one day at a time, and please love me the very same way. The reality of you and me is better than all the impossible dreams and fantasies I’ve ever imagined. Let us have the courage to work through and change whatever needs changed, and the wisdom to know what should never be changed. “I’ve never been this close to anyone, or anything, I can feel your thoughts, I can see your dreams. I don’t know how you do what you do, I’m so in love with you, it just keeps getting better, I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side, forever and ever. Every little thing that you do, baby I’m amazed by you.

Life beckoned us to be together against all odds we survived Breaking all the barriers of time the universe became just you and I.

~Love you always!! Sweets~

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