The bleeding heart.

The true story of my life. I am Tea boy working in a tea shop .Every day I one blind girl in corner of the street singing and begging. I fall in love with the girl because of beautiful songs. One day I proposed the girl. She tells I m a blind beggar girl how could u love me I can’t believe this, but I told really I love you so much. Will u please marry me? She tell when my eye was cured that day I will marry you. Few months later she got an eye. She saw me at first time, she was shocked because I m also blind. I asked now you got the eyes will you please marry me. She said how could I marry a blind boy. Sorry. After few months later I wrote one letter to her.

Take care of my eyes dear.

Your blind boy friend “Sham”.

i thank to my friend Vinoth to help type and post this letter.

4 thoughts to “The bleeding heart.”

  1. hi my friend realy this is very sad but you know this is human nature some of people is like that they chaging there eyes with in second but any how only i can pray for you God will help you.

  2. Ur blindness won’t matter if she realy luvs u. Luv z bitter sometyms. If she’s not meant 4 u the person that was meant 4 u will come someday. But good luck. Hope u will get her.

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