1940s Love Letters

These Love Letters which surfaced just recently in December 2009 were found at the back of a UK bus in a bag

The letters are addressed from anonymous ‘Xavier’ to a Miss Anna Paton, the bag contained the photos of the couple as along with the letters. Miss Anna, if still alive, would be in her 80s now.

The bag was found in 2008 by the Bus Company and was shown to the public in 2009 after the Bus Company were unable to locate its owner.
Here are some the parts from these post war love letters

9 October 1963

From Xavier
To Anna Paton

Written on paper from University College, Ibadan, Nigeria and Xavier is expressing his sorrow on the death of Anna’s Grandfather

‘Darling Anna. I heard just before I left about your grandfather and felt very sad not to have been there to help you.

‘I do hope you’re all right and that you can be happy for him that he didn’t linger on but I know that you loved him very much, as he loved you.

‘Tell your mother and grandmother that I hope they too will not be too upset by these last weeks and that I prey for you all.

‘I think so much of you and feel you’re very close to me these thousands of miles away.

‘This is a sad and terrible country but I came to the people here and really wish I could do something for them. I suppose the best I can do is to let as many of them pass their examinations and become doctors as I possibly can.

‘God bless you – I wish I could have a little hand from you my love but it is quite likely that this reach get to you before I get back myself. I love you. Xavier.’

19th October 1967

From Xavier
To Anna Paton

Xavier writing from London to Anna in Australia

‘My love I missed you so during my holiday. We went to Cyprus where there was that lovely purple sea, swaying trees and softness in the landscape, and a marvelous luminous light in the evening which is such a feature of the eastern Mediterranean islands.

‘We just got back and I got your letter at the hospital today. I feel sad that you had such a reaction after your case but can only hope that you have gotten over it now.

‘I am back to the holiday rush of work now but it is for you my love as always. Be well and I may be happy. I love you. X.’

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