Richard Steele letters to Mary Scurlock

August 12, 1708


I have your letter, wherein you let me know that the little dispute we have had is far from being a trouble to you; nevertheless, I assure you, any disturbance between us is the greatest affliction to me imaginable. You talk of the judgment of the world ; I shall never govern my actions by it, but by the rules of morality and right reason, love you better than the light of my eyes, or the life-blood in my heart; but, when I have let you know that, you are also to understand, that neither my sight shall be so far enchanted, or my affection so much master of me, as to make me forget our common interest. To attend my business as I ought, and improve my fortune, it is necessary that my time and my will should be under no direction but my own. Pray give my most humble service to Mrs Binns. I write all” this rather to explain my own thoughts to you than answer your letter distinctly. I inclose it to you, that, upon second thoughts, you may fee the disrespectful manner in which you treat

Your affectionate, faithful husband


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