I Love You a Lot

Dear Diantell,
i love you alot like more than i have ever love myself. we are starting a family 2gether. i hope thats what you want to. i hope your fareal about living together and that you say that your going to do right. i mean i love you enough for your to not to hurt me and stabe me in my back.for the last for mounths we been though alot but i know we can make it for Tina and the other baby if you will just help me out i love you care about you but its just hard when you say you dont trust me.

i wish you will i would never do you wrong I PROMISE i want you heart your soul you loving. i want you to hold me at night when im afraid, i know the things your said you didnt mean and i thank you for apologizing. i jus want you to know that im here for you whenerver and whatever baby. IIIII LLLOOOVVEE YYYOOOOUU TELLIE POOH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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