Celebrating Anniversary

Dear baby,

It’s been 4 month now – that’s 1/3 of a year and I’m glad we’ve lasted this long even with everything that’s been slammed on us. It’s been so very hard, but everytime i tell myself that it’s for us, everything all seems so much more easier cause with your love, i truly am stronger.You know, 4 months ago, when you first became mine, I told myself that I will stay true and you’d be the only one for me, and today marks the 4th month I’m staying true to that promise to myself.

Today, I’m glad, as glad as I am when I’m with you every single day. We’ve gone through the sad, the miserable and the devastating but everytime I think of you it had always been the happy things that shine through cause you are my sunshine in a rainy day and the rainbow after the thunderstorm.

I say I love you every single time but baby, the truth is to me you ARE love and you are loved. Today, yesterday and every other day that’s coming our way you’d always be someone THE ONE who’s everything to me.

There’s no one else I’ll love more than you. They say that a man is lucky to be a woman first love but the woman is luckier should he be a man’s last love. And I am grateful that I am just like how you are mine.

Now let’s work towards that 4 year you want, and then maybe then we’ll be better, we’ll love more, and maybe then we’d have that future that you wanted for us, and the future I hope will come true and the future that will, one day become a truth.


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