Classic Letter of Marriage Proposal

Dear Madam,

I have long struggled with the most honorable and respectful passion that ever filled the heart of a man.  Have often tried to reveal it in person and, as often, in this way. But never, till now, could I prevail upon my own fears and doubts. But I can no longer struggle with a secret that has given me so much torture to keep, and yet hitherto more, when I have endeavored to reveal it. I never entertain to see you without rapture but when I have that pleasure, instead of being animated as I ought to be, I am utterly confounded. What can this be owing to but a difference in myself and an exalted opinion of your worthiness? And is not this one a strong token of ardent love? Yet, if it be, various is the tormenting passions in its operations! Since some it inspires with courage; while others is deprives of all necessary confidence. I can only assure you, Madam, that the heart of man never conceived a stronger or sincerer passion than mine for you. If my reverence for you is my crime,  I am sure it has been my sufficient punishment.

I need not to say, my designs and motives are honorable. Who dare approach so much virtuous excellence with a supposition that such an assurance in necessary? What my status is, is well known; and I am ready to stand the test of the strictest enquiry.

Condensed, Madam, to embolden my respectful passion, by one favorable line that what I here profess and hope further to have an opportunity to assure you of, e found to be unquestionable truth, then my humble address will not be quite unacceptable to you; and thus you will forever oblige, dear madam.

Your affectionate admirer,

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