Worth the Wait

March 17, 2010,

One of the best days in my life I got to spend an entire day with my baby

Babe I had the most amazing day one of the best days in my entire life.

No I did not climb Mt Everest, or visit the Great Pyramids of Egypt. I did not dine in a beautiful café in Paris or hike the trails in the Grand Canyon.

Did not spend the day enjoying the beaches of Rio, Miami or Southern California nor did I enjoy the splendor of the Golden Gate.

I did not revisit the Greek Isles, the vineyards of Italy nor the English countryside.

No trip to Vegas, New York, Seattle or Moscow, Milan, or Monaco.

No stroll through Central Park or Golden Gate Park or even Yellowstone.

I did not spend the day near a roaring river, a peaceful bay, a tranquil stream not even a quiet day lounging by the banks of a beautiful lake.

Yesterday I was simply happy… being with you, laying with you, making love to you, rubbing you, holding you, looking at you, showering with you, feeding you and for me this was nothing short of amazing.

Proof that sometimes the simplest times of your life can be the most meaningful and the most wonderful.

God has truly blessed me with an amazing woman; I wish to God with all I have inside that I could be with you all the time, now… today..

I know patience…

I love you… you are worth the wait.

-by Damon B

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