I Dream of You

Love… what a wonderful curse. It can be the bringer or destruction of happiness. Without you here, I fail to realize that days pass. Time is nothing to me as I look up at the stars yearning for your presence. I could never forget the love we had. My memories are the only things that keep me going.
In my lonliness accompanied by the sheltered moon, I dream the same dream of you. How I hate waking. I wish I could be frozen in slumber and forever be lost in my dreams; the only place where I can be with you. But as I gaze into the night sky trying to find which star could be you, liquid diamonds from my eyes kiss the cold ground.
How could God have sent me such a blessing and then take it away? I guess He wanted His angel back. I have no idea how He could have ever let go of you. When the day comes when we reunite, I’ll never let you go. But until then, I’ll keep looking up and remember that you’re up in heaven, just one fall away from me.

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